Interview in The Other Side Reviews

I recently spoke to Nicole Mendes of The Other Side Reviews about The Prayer EP, dissolving into a black hole, Summer in Brixton and making music remotely during a pandemic.

Read the full interview here:

The Prayer EP

We’re very pleased to let you know that The Prayer EP is released today!

We urge and encourage you to listen, download and absorb these four new songs of transcendence and vibration from the holy place that is Bandcamp.

Myself and Sam were joined on this release by some superb musicians, all of whom contributed brilliant and beautiful performances.  Orlando Harrison (of Alabama 3) played the swirling and lovely piano on On My Way Down. Maria Vellanz (my old colleague from Leisur Hive and Bent Husbands) played hammond organ, bass guitar and some Cale-esque violin drones on Shy Contortionist.  The supremely talented Ben Mclees arranged and played the stunningly epic violins on The Prayer as well as contributing keyboards and additional guitar. And Belly Of The Town features a choir of backing voclas from our friends Andrea Kerr, Doug Shearer, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Ally Morton, Lilith-Auryn Athena Fairchild, Maria Vellanz, Misty Bone, Dr Paddy Glackin, James Hollands and Robin Jax.

We’re extremely pleased and proud of this new release – and we hope it brings you nothing but ecstatic vibratory JOY in your brain and body.


The Prayer EP – 21st January

We are pleased to annouce that our next release is a four-song EP called The Prayer. It’ll be released on Actual Size Music on 21st January. As usual our preferred method of transmission is via our Bandcamp page, but if you have time please do pre-save the EP on Spotify too. You can do so here:

Belly Of The Town festures a ten piece choir with vocals from many of of friends including Ally Morton of Massa Confusa, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo of Larsen, Andrea Kerr of Living With Eating Disorders and others.

Shy Contortionist dates back to my time in the band Leisur Hive – originally written by myself and Maria Vellanz back in 2003 and now re-worked and rejuvenated.

The Prayer features some incredibly transcendent string arrangements from Ben Mclees of This Is Radio Silence. And On My Way Down was one of the first songs we created as The Shining Tongues written around the same time as Make Us Eat – and features some beautiful piano played by Alabama 3‘s Orlando Harrison.

We’re excited to be finally getting these songs out to you! Pre-save the EP now (it really is a huge help to us if you do this, even if you don’t use Spotify much) and we’ll have more news on this record very soon.

State Trooper

Our possibly foolhardy attempt at ruining / improving (depending on your viewpoint) Bruce Springsteen’s State Trooper is released today. You can stream or download the song via the method of your choosing, here:

Play it loud! We hope it brings you boundless joy and pleasure. We’ll have more new music for you soon – hopefully before the end of this year.

Please share this link as much as you can, thank-you-please:

Please Don’t Stop Me

Our next single is out on 12th November and is a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s State Trooper (from his Nevada album). This the first time we’ve released a cover song (we played a version of the Walker Brother’s Shutout with The Infinite Three at a few shows but never got around to recording it)

I’ve always loved the atmosphere of this song but I often get it stuck in my head in a more overtly rhythmic form – so that’s where we’ve tried to go with it. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all think!

I’ll update this post as soon as it’s possible to pre-save the single.

Make Us Eat

It is with extreme pleasure and ecstatic joy that we can announce the release of our new single, Make Us Eat. A hymn to entropy featuring glorious backing vocals by Andrea Kerr (of Living With Eating Disorders) and sublime guitars from Robin Jax (of RobinPlaysChords). You can listen to it here:

If you enjoy the sounds we highly encourage you to download it from Bandcamp for the fullest, most pleasurable experience which also helps to support our future work in the most sustainable way possible.

Make Us Eat can also be streamed from all the usual places. Thanks for listening!
Love & rage!

Full Joy

Our next single, Make Us Eat, is released soon. A hymn to entropy featuring glorious backing vocals by Andrea Kerr (of Living With Eating Disorders) and sublime guitars from Robin Jax (of RobinPlaysChords).

The single is out on 24th September but if you pre-save it on Spotify you can hear a preview right now.

Do the correct thing and experience FULL JOY in the age of plague. Click on the green rectangle for god’s sake.

EDIT 24/09/20: The link above now enables you to add the song to your library on Spotify.

Will She Sleep

We are extrememly pleased to tell you that our single, ‘Will She Sleep’ is out now. The song features contributions from Orlando Harrison (keyboards), Robin Jax (additional guitars), Artur Hajdasz (drums) as well as Sam Mclaughin (bass) and myself (mouth, hands, etc)

The version on Bandcamp also includes a bonus track, ‘With Muscle’ featuring Maria Vellanz (violins).  Download both tracks from Bandcamp here.

‘Will She Sleep’ can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and probably quite a few other places.