Make Us Eat

It is with extreme pleasure and ecstatic joy that we can announce the release of our new single, Make Us Eat. A hymn to entropy featuring glorious backing vocals by Andrea Kerr (of Living With Eating Disorders) and sublime guitars from Robin Jax (of RobinPlaysChords). You can listen to it here:

If you enjoy the sounds we highly encourage you to download it from Bandcamp for the fullest, most pleasurable experience which also helps to support our future work in the most sustainable way possible.

Make Us Eat can also be streamed from all the usual places. Thanks for listening!
Love & rage!

Full Joy

Our next single, Make Us Eat, is released soon. A hymn to entropy featuring glorious backing vocals by Andrea Kerr (of Living With Eating Disorders) and sublime guitars from Robin Jax (of RobinPlaysChords).

The single is out on 24th September but if you pre-save it on Spotify you can hear a preview right now.

Do the correct thing and experience FULL JOY in the age of plague. Click on the green rectangle for god’s sake.

EDIT 24/09/20: The link above now enables you to add the song to your library on Spotify.

Will She Sleep

We are extrememly pleased to tell you that our single, ‘Will She Sleep’ is out now. The song features contributions from Orlando Harrison (keyboards), Robin Jax (additional guitars), Artur Hajdasz (drums) as well as Sam Mclaughin (bass) and myself (mouth, hands, etc)

The version on Bandcamp also includes a bonus track, ‘With Muscle’ featuring Maria Vellanz (violins).  Download both tracks from Bandcamp here.

‘Will She Sleep’ can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and probably quite a few other places.


We hereby exist. The Shining Tongues is a new songwriting project from Daniel Knowler and Sam Mclaughlin of The Infinite Three, with a revolving cast of fellow noisemakers.


Here is a tentative first offering. We hope it brings you joy.

Since around February this year I have been writing songs for a new post-Infinite Three project which – as you have by now gleaned – is called The Shining Tongues. Some very rough acoustic demos were posted here (they’ll be taken down soon so hear them while you can!). I’ve been fleshing out these songs over the last few weeks with the supreme help of some truly fine musicians.

Robin Jax (of RobinPlaysChords) has played some deliciously psychedelic electric guitar; Ben Mclees (of This Is Radio Silence) has played some devilish violin and guitar; Orlando Harrison (of Alabama 3) has provided some nourishing piano, organ, rhodes and synths; Samuel Mclaughin (my fellow Infinite Three alumni) has played some multi-dimensional bass guitar, analogue synth, harmonica and additional vocals; Artur Hajdasz (of Made In Poland, Tilt, Homo Twist and others) is providing some sublime drumming; And we’ll also have some contributions from Maria Vellanz (of Bent Husbands), Andrea Kerr (of Living With Eating Disorders) and Den Liberator (longtime Infinite Three co-producer and collaborator).

The songs are swelling and brimming with beauty, thanks in no small part to the wonderful contributions from the above mentioned humans.  I am really looking forward to releasing them!

For now though, please take the time to follow us on Bandcamp, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.  We’ll also have an email list set up soon.