Make Us Eat

It is with extreme pleasure and ecstatic joy that we can announce the release of our new single, Make Us Eat. A hymn to entropy featuring glorious backing vocals by Andrea Kerr (of Living With Eating Disorders) and sublime guitars from Robin Jax (of RobinPlaysChords). You can listen to it here:

If you enjoy the sounds we highly encourage you to download it from Bandcamp for the fullest, most pleasurable experience which also helps to support our future work in the most sustainable way possible.

Make Us Eat can also be streamed from all the usual places. Thanks for listening!
Love & rage!

Will She Sleep

We are extrememly pleased to tell you that our single, ‘Will She Sleep’ is out now. The song features contributions from Orlando Harrison (keyboards), Robin Jax (additional guitars), Artur Hajdasz (drums) as well as Sam Mclaughin (bass) and myself (mouth, hands, etc)

The version on Bandcamp also includes a bonus track, ‘With Muscle’ featuring Maria Vellanz (violins).  Download both tracks from Bandcamp here.

‘Will She Sleep’ can also be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and probably quite a few other places.